Static and Dynamic Vehicle Labels

Understanding the complex, long-lead process

Your trusted partner for automotive industry labels

Automotive labeling is a complex process – you don’t just print a label and put it on the vehicle. All new vehicles – internal combustion engine (ICE) or battery electric vehicles (BEV) – for sale in the U.S. are required to have certain labels to ensure consumers are properly informed. These labels need to be permanent, be placed in specific areas of the vehicle and include content outlined by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic and Safety Association).

Ancor is your single source for vehicle label needs regardless of the type of vehicle – ICE, BEV or recreational vehicle. When customers work with our team, they receive our promise to deliver flawless vehicle labeling and data management solutions.

Popular Automotive Labeling Solutions

Monroney Premier

Ancor’s Monroney Premier window sticker takes the traditional Monroney label sticker and adds an extra layer of visually appealing graphics to help excite and energize vehicle consumers.

Monroney Premier leverages our expertise in understanding the government-mandated requirements of the Monroney sticker and transforms a static window label into a dynamic selling tool. Sticker customization options include photos, color, logos, taglines and other vehicle branding materials.

Starter Pack Label

Ancor’s Starter Pack Label combines several of the labels required for a vehicle launch into a single standard offering.  This helps to reduce your overall cost as well as increase the speed at which you can onboard these labels into your Bill of Materials and assembly process. We will also help manage the cost of tooling, plates and materials.

Ancor will consult with your team on vehicle labeling best practices and will always recommend solutions that best fit your business’ needs and requirements.  

Hold and Release Data Validation Services

Monroney Editor

Born out of a need to edit Monroney labels on the fly, Ancor’s Monroney Editor allows manufacturers to incorporate Dealer and Port installed options into the equipment list.  The Monroney sticker can then be reprinted for application on the vehicle.  Both the old and new versions of the label are stored in our WEBVIEWTM production for historical and auditing purposes.

Understanding the complex, long-lead process

Your trusted partner for automotive industry labels

How Ancor can help

  • AutoDoc, our proprietary label development solution, processes data and produces print-ready documents. These electronic documents are then uploaded into WEBVIEW™, allowing customers to review label data prior to production.
  • We incorporate business rules and data integrity checks to catch erroneous data combinations, so it can be quickly identified and flagged.
  • Throughout the label production process, we conduct multi-level quality inspections. From data incorporation to printing and packaging for distribution, labels are quality checked at every stage.

Labeling process

Because of our short lead time requirements, Ancor can quickly identify and establish a process for mapping data and producing vehicle labels. This helps eliminate significant financial implications, including a delayed launch and costs associated with erroneous or missing information on labels.

Labeling delivery options

For customers looking for a turnkey solution for their label requirements, Ancor offers complete printing and fulfillment solutions.  In addition, Ancor Automotive has a digital solution through our software-as-a-service program that provides all of our services up to our print process which takes place in our customers’ facility. In both cases, the labels can be printed in customer-specific build order.

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