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Fox 2 News Live Interview Featuring Jose L. Flores​

Fox 2 News Live Interview Featuring Jose L. Flores​

The Woodward Dream Cruise, an annual celebration of classic cars and automotive history, is looked forward to all year by many car enthusiasts and collectors. This year our CEO Jose L. Flores had a live interview on Fox 2 News with the renowned reporter Charlie Langton. Their discussion centered around the benefits, importance, and collectability of Monroney labels.

The interview began by describing what Ancor Automotive does and why Monroney labels are collectible memorabilia. Having an original Monroney label actually drives the price of bidding up on vehicles. These window stickers are even framed for collectors to show off!

Did you know that it is government mandated to have the vehicles mileage, safety ratings, and components of the car presented on the Monroney label before purchasing the vehicle? This information is what collectors and car buyers want to know.

Watch below to view the full interview!