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Are Vehicle Labels Legally Required?

Are Vehicle Labels Legally Required?


We all have rules and regulations we need to follow. It’s just the way it is. And of course, in manufacturing, especially in automotive, rules and regulations are there for everyone’s safety, whether it’s for a production worker or the driver of a vehicle. But vehicle manufacturing rules go beyond safety. In fact, there are government-mandated rules and regulations in place for vehicle labels. You can’t just print any label and put it wherever you want on a vehicle before it rolls off the production line. It’s a complex process requiring a knowledgeable staff to coordinate and manage approvals.

As an auto manufacturer, there is a lot to think of and consider when producing a vehicle. Labeling may not be at the top of a priority list, but if not done correctly, can result in costly delays in launching the vehicle or even recalls and warranties. 

So, what are some of the required elements around vehicle labels? 

  • Labels need to be permanent. They must be riveted or affixed in a way that they can’t be removed without destroying or defacing it. 
  • Label Placement is key. Depending on the type of vehicle, required placement varies; it must be in a place that makes it easily readable without moving any part of the vehicle, except an outer door. There are even specifics regarding labels on trailers and motorcycles.
  • Content is not variable. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Association outlines specific information that must be included on vehicle labels. This includes details identifying the manufacturer, date of manufacture, weight, classification and more. And, depending on the type and weight of a vehicle, specific statements must be included. 

We are just scratching the surface with these three elements. The good news is, the experts at Ancor are not only well-versed on all government rules and regulations for vehicle labeling, we have the solutions to effectively and efficiently gather and validate the information as well as produce the label itself. 

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