why you should consider outsourcing vehicle labeling


Today’s vehicle can have up to 30,000 individual parts, ranging from dashboards to screws. Obviously, automakers do not make each and every part for their vehicles – they partner with suppliers who are experts in individual products and systems. Robust processes, including automotive labeling, are in place to manage networks of suppliers so that quality parts are produced, delivered, and incorporated into a vehicle.

The same approach – a fine-tuned process and trusted partner – should be applied to automotive labeling to ensure it is done correctly, helping to avoid significant cost issues, including recalls and warranty risks. Automotive labeling is a complex process – you don’t just print a label and put it on the vehicle. There are a lot of government-mandated rules and regulations that need to be understood and followed. As new automakers establish their manufacturing processes, vehicle labels are not something to push to the last minute, as it takes more than 4 months to have vehicle labels approved and in place before hitting the dealer lot. So, getting your vehicle labeling right in the first place helps in the long run.

That’s where Ancor can help:

  • Our proprietary, one-of-a-kind data tool, AutoDoc, processes, produces and securely creates labels. Labeling information is uploaded into, Ancor Webview™ where PDFs of all government-required labels are available, allowing you to review label data prior to mass production. These PDFs are available after processing/in the future for warranty claims or other company-specific uses.

  • We incorporate business rules and data integrity checks to catch erroneous data combinations so if incorrect information is provided, it is quickly identified and flagged. It’s another layer of security integrated in our processes to ensure labels are accurate before being sent to the factory and affixed to vehicles.

  • Throughout the label production process, we conduct multi-level quality inspections. From data incorporation to printing and packing for distribution, labels are quality checked at every stage. And it works – Ancor produces more than 3 million flawless automotive label packages each year, making us a trusted and valued partner for vehicle labeling needs.

  • We have a proven launch process to meet product deadlines. For more than 30 years we have managed VIN-specific data to create new car labels for every Ford and Lincoln vehicle produced in the North American and imported to the U.S. market.  

Don’t let a label containing missing or erroneous information put you at risk for vehicle recalls and the resulting financial implications, delays, and other critical issues that can occur.

Learn more about our automotive labeling services and how we can be your single source for all your vehicle label needs.