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4 Reasons To Get Your Vehicle Labels Early

4 Reasons To Get Your Vehicle Labels Early


All new cars for sale in the United States are required to have certain labels to ensure consumers are properly informed. These variable vehicle labels contain important details, including make and model, VIN, fuel economy, safety rating, and MSRP. Beyond these mandated labels, there are also other optional labels that many manufacturers include to further highlight certain features and benefits of each vehicle, such as new technology, exclusive VIP services, optional packages, and accessories.

No matter the type of label, and whether you are about to source or have already started sourcing components and systems for your vehicles, it is critical during this time to determine your process and approach for vehicle labeling.

Here are four reasons why vehicle labeling needs to be given top consideration early in the sourcing process:

  1. Some labels are a government requirement on every new vehicle for sale.They are considered to be actual parts of the vehicle, and thus you cannot legally ship a vehicle without them.

  2. Designing and implementing a label to meet an OEM’s manufacturing specifics require lead times of at least 120 days (based on our observations). This allows for enough time to collect and verify all of the information (potentially from different departments within the company) to be presented on the label.

  3. Not including a process to tackle vehicle labeling could potentially lead to significant financial implications. Forming a dedicated team with the right people early on can help avoid incurring additional expenses due to rushing last minute.

  4. Allotting the proper time and personnel to vehicle labeling can help mitigate additional and unnecessary costs that come about as a result of erroneous or missing information. This will help in the long run to avoid recalls as well as additional expenditures from having to replace the labels.

As you can see, there are some extremely detrimental outcomes that could come about as a result of not prioritizing vehicle labeling. But the good news is that these can be entirely avoided by proper resource allocation, and by working with a partner who understands the vehicle labeling process and who will help you get it right, so you are well-positioned for the long run.

Ancor is your single source for all of your variable vehicle label needs. We can also manage all aspects from label design to material selection and kitting for introduction to the assembly process. When you work with Ancor, you receive our promise to deliver flawless vehicle labeling and data management solutions with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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