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Mackinac Policy Conference 2023

Mackinac Policy conference 2023


By Mia Naylor

Mackinac Island, MI – Recently our CEO Jose L. Flores and Director of Strategy & Corporate Development Tom Schneider attended the 2023 Mackinac Policy Conference. This year’s conference focused on the theme “the Power of &,” which invited dialogue among speakers and attendees on why Michigan needs an “and” approach instead of “either or” policy solutions.

The “and” approach should create a healthy, productive tension among leaders with different points of view. When it comes to Michigan’s greatest issues and opportunities, “the Power of &” brings otherwise polarized sides closer together to provide the needed stimulus for leaders to bring nuanced thinking to problem solving.

Michigan will benefit from an “and” approach when it comes to:

  • Individual Freedom & Collective Action
  • Sustainability & Economic Growth
  • Investing in the Future & Financial Responsibility

While at the MPC Jose had the opportunity to talk with Zoe Clark, general manager at Michigan Radio, for an exclusive interview with Detroit Public Television.

They discussed the conference’s theme “The Power of &” and what a “yes and” approach looks like to these leaders. Flores responds “Detroit hustles harder. We can do plan A, B, and C. Why not?”

We have the people and resources to achieve more than one goal, there is no reason to be limiting ourselves to “either or.”

Watch the full interview here