Automotive Leaders Podcast Featuring Jose Flores

By Mia Naylor

Troy, Michigan – Jose Flores is the 34-year-old CEO of a traditional Tier 1 automotive supplier, but there is nothing traditional about the way he runs the company. While many leaders claim to disrupt the status quo, Jose actually lives it. From his innovation hub to his embrace of failure, Jose shares the techniques that help him empower a multigenerational workforce.

“With the old-timers,” says Jose, “you need to earn their trust and respect.” That requires leading by example and getting measurable results in the workplace. But Millenials and Gen Z, which now take up 40% of the work place, are often looking for a different leadership mold. Jose says the younger generations need a sense of purpose and trust in their company’s values. Regardless of what type of employee you are, Flores pushes you to be your best self.

At Ancor Automotive, innovation is a value. The new Innovation Hub is a space where people can come together to collaborate, innovate, and create new products. The purpose of the Hub is to be a safe area for employees to pitch new ideas without the fear of failure. “Innovation is not possible with the fear of failure in the air,” says Griffiths. Failure plays a major role in professional development and Flores encourages his employees to take their failures and turn them into growth.

Jan dives into Jose’s rapid ascension to automotive leadership and unpacks the secrets of his quiet confidence. How is this leader transforming a 40-year-old label supplier into an innovative tech company? What is he doing to change the culture and give everyone a voice, and how can other organizations replicate his success?

Flores exclaimed he wanted to take Ancor to the next level and viewed the company with a new perspective and passion. He says, “like a typical millennial, I wanted more and more of a challenge.” Flores faced this new position the way he does all challenges, head on. In the first few months as CEO, he acquired six new customers, most being electronic vehicle companies.

Don’t miss this powerful episode of the Automotive Leaders Podcast. If companies want to attract young talent, they can no longer rely on outdated management models and metrics-driven KPIs. Jose’s work at Ancor Automotive sets a new standard for the future of automotive leadership and inspires new possibilities for corporate innovation.

Themes discussed in this episode: 

  • What Millennials and Gen Z workers typically want from a company
  • Building trust with a multigenerational workforce
  • What it really means to Be a Working CEO
  • Why automotive leaders should embrace failure
  • The Challenges of retaining young talent
  • A new definition of KPI
  • The importance of investing in the culture budget

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