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Original Monroney Labels for Ford Classic Mustangs


Make Your Classic Car Restoration Complete

Car enthusiasts have their favorite makes and models. For many, the Ford Mustang is at the top of their list. Some collect them, others relish in restoring them to their original glory. Some are so die-hard in restoring them, they don’t see them as truly complete without classic labels.

This is where Ancor can help you complete that final piece of your restoration.

Thanks to our proprietary database service, WEBVIEW™, we have a detailed and searchable history of Ford vehicle labels, including the window sticker, also known as a Monroney label or sticker. Because of this and our solid, ongoing relationship with Ford, they tapped us to reproduce window stickers for 1987-1993 Mustangs as well as 2008-2021 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. These are exact replicas of the classic labels that were on the vehicles at the point of sale, including the paper stock it was printed on.

To get a window sticker, simply visit Ford Show Parts or Marti Auto Works to find the appropriate sticker option and enter the vehicle’s VIN number.

So, if you are attending the upcoming Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit and you see a classic Ford Mustang with a window sticker and think, “Wow, how’d they manage to get that?” you know the answer!