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AutoVision News Radio Podcast Featuring Jose Flores​

AutoVision News Radio Podcast Featuring Jose Flores

Our CEO Jose L. Flores was recently featured on the AutoVision News Radio podcast, hosted by Carl Anthony. This podcast episode touched on topics ranging from where Jose’s passion for cars came from, Ancor Automotive’s innovation efforts, and the future of Ancor Automotive.

Jose’s passion for cars started when he was very young, as he remembers spending his weekends working on a mustang his father had gotten him. Years later, Flores is now the CEO of a tier 1 automotive supplier which makes labels for mustangs among many other vehicles.

Carl and Jose discuss the three main pillars at Ancor Automotive. Beginning with data management, there are two types of labels: static and dynamic. Static labels are the same for every car regardless of model whereas dynamic labels pertain to individual vehicles. In this step, we grab the data from different databases and put it into a label.

The second pillar is labeling. This step includes gathering all the raw materials, inventory, and manufacturing of a label so we can offer it to our customers.

Lastly is printing and fulfilment. This step is a service we offer for our customers if they do not want to set up an IPP business model. We will do everything for them and send off the final envelope.

The most recent project of Flores’ is the brand-new Innovation Hub. The Hub was conceptualized and spearheaded by Jose, with the intention of it being a safe space for brainstorming, innovation, and failure. This is where the idea for the battery passport software solution came from.

The Innovation Hub will also help to launch the Monroney Editor, which will allow automakers to edit documents on the fly and avoid wasting raw materials. For example, Ancor Automotive has a customer that exports cars to the United States. Once the vehicle is on the boat and any changes are made, such as adding a roof rack, the current Monroney label is no longer valid. The Monroney Editor will solve this problem by being able to change the label in real time. Thus, saving raw materials and labor.

Carl describes Jose as, “a disruptive and dynamic leader at every turn. He is a person who wants to create a place where people are proud to work.”

What is next for Ancor Automotive? Jose wants to take the company to the next level. He does not want people to think we are just a 40-year-old traditional labeling company. That is no longer the story, we are a tier 1 automotive software company that is growing and attracting new high-tech talent. Jose is already helping to leave a legacy in the automotive industry, and it will only go up from here. 

To listen to the episode, click here.