About Ancor Automotive

1983 Ancor Founded

Ancor started as an “in-house” corporate partner, processing marketing communications and customer information.


Our first automotive agreement was established to print and fulfill orders of Monroney window stickers.


Expanded our portfolio with new automotive labels, including the glovebox warranty card, bumper labels, ramp labels, and safety certification labels.


Launched WEBVIEW™ – our flagship solution. The first product on the market allowing OEMs to manage and search their history of all label production.


Added a fully-automated inserting/fulfillment line. Each label is scanned to ensure 100% quality inspection. 


Earned Ford supplier Q1 status


Launched full color digital printers allowing for a complete re-design of the Monroney window sticker, including vehicle images.


Developed AutoDoc, our proprietary label design and printing solution, which is highly modular and configurable.


In the fall, Ancor moved to a new facility — allowing for expansion of our capabilities, improved inventory management process and enhanced workplace stations for employees.


Ancor partners with several EV customers and expands it’s label portfolio.


Construction is completed on Ancor’s Innovation Hub.  A dynamic platform for generating, refining, and developing new mobility software and product ideas.

How we started

Ancor Automotive was founded in 1983 and is the leading Tier 1 automotive supplier of data management and label solutions. Since our founding, we have supported our customers’ needs with tailored software solutions.

Our Promise to You

At Ancor Automotive, we are committed to continuous improvement. Our team of dedicated professionals seek to innovate and bring tomorrow’s technologies, processes, and solutions to our customers.

A Disciplined Approach to Quality

There’s no cutting corners when it comes to quality, this is why we have developed proven and robust processes to ensure our products meet stringent quality standards.

Ancor uses the 5S methodology, ensuring consistent workplace cleanliness and organizational standards. In addition, we encourage and reward our employees for feedback.

We have a redundant data center and a secondary print location, which enables us to keep our customers running no matter what.

Our environmental footprint is very important to us, so we are certified under the international Environmental Management System of ISO 14001.

We develop measurable objectives to monitor our waste streams and manage improvement programs to mitigate our overall impact.

quality certifications




community giveback

ancor cares

Spreading goodwill throughout our community and organization isn’t something we have to do, it’s something we have always enjoyed doing. Our team takes pride in supporting the community with their time, talent and donations.

“This is not only a fun and sustainable way to support our local charities, but it’s an opportunity for our employees to work together outside of the office. Team building and supporting our community are critical elements to the Ancor culture.”  – Jose L. Flores, CEO, Ancor Automotive

For several years, our team has supported several charities like HAVEN, an organization providing support to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault; MCHS – Family of Services which is a child welfare agency located in Redford and Detroit providing foster care and adoption, transitional living, child abuse prevention and community wellness programs.

We have a community garden in which Ancor employees are growing various fruits and vegetables that, once harvested, are donated to local charities.

Detroit Dog Rescue is focused on raising awareness for the plight of the forgotten, homeless and stray dogs of Detroit along with advocating for humane rescue alternatives such as no-kill sheltering, foster care and adoptions, pet identification and healthy pet population control through spay and neutering.

Ancor has volunteered to be the first 24/7  satellite donation drop-off location for items like food, toys and other supplies, that Detroit Dog Rescue utilizes in their daily operations.

In 2021, Ancor donated network switches to Common Ground, the largest provider of mental health crises services in Oakland County, Michigan. The switches were needed for the non-profit organization’s Resource and Crisis Center in Pontiac.